Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: Spring Data

I'm currently reviewing the book Spring Data from Packt Publishing. You can find the book at

This book is about Spring Data JPA and Spring Data Redis

  • Implement JPA repositories with lesser code
  • Includes functional sample projects that demonstrate the described concepts in action and help you start experimenting right away
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and a lot of code examples that are easy to follow and help you to get started from page one

Full review
My initial impression of this book is that it's too short and lacks full coverage because it only focuses on Spring Data JPA and Spring Data Redis. We all know how big the Spring Data umbrella projects are. But it turns out this is the strength of the book. By focusing on a subset of Spring Data umbrella projects, it's able to focus better on what matters most.

As I read the book, I slowly realized that this book is a gem. If you need a solid understanding of Spring Data JPA, read this book. It tells you step-by-step all the possible query technologies, usage patterns, and their pros and cons. The book gradually prepares the reader to the value of Spring Data.

The Spring Data JPA coverage is quite extensive. It teaches you how to download and install the necessary libraries. Configuration is based on programmatic configuration instead of the usual XML configuration files. I think this is good but also bad. It would be great if the book offers sample configuration both in XML and Java-based config. Since most users are familiar with XML configuration, translating from Java-based config would require extra effort to comprehend for most Spring users. Anyway, that's a minor weakness that we can live-up with.

The book is successful in demonstrating how to provide CRUD support through Spring Data JPA and how to implement your own custom repository. There are various way to perform queries in Spring Data JPA, and I think the book has managed to cover all of them, including QueryDSL.

The book's coverage on Spring Data Redis is extensive. It covers installation and configuration, connector types, Redis data structures, and of course, Spring Data support for Redis. The book teaches how to save relational data and perform CRUD operations in a NoSQL manner. It also covers messaging and caching support with Redis. Overall it's a pleasant read. It's interesting how the book has smoothly transitioned from Spring Data JPA to Redis.

Overall, Spring Data from Packt Publishing is a solid book that I recommend to everyone to read.
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  1. The book is short but very concise, I feel it lacks "an advanced" part, or could be a second book, regarding Java config, I don't think it was too bad at all, in the contrary, Java configs you give freedom while XML encapsulates you to old Spring configs, I have had to integrate Spring few times to projects where Spring has no control (some factories outside Spring control) and where you want more flexibility code wise, it is easier to figure out the XML from a Java config, the opposite not so much.

    An observation, you recommended the publisher and not the author? I honestly don't understand the reasons behind such recommendation. Where do you think the content came from? Petri or Packt? Have you seen the tutorials behind published by the author?

    1. Nevermind, I misread the last comment, you recommended the book which is the actual material, forget what I said about the publishing stuff.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to review my book. This is my first book and it is interesting to see what people think about it. Also, if you have any thoughts about additional content that was missing from this book, feel free to contact me.

    1. Petri, it's my pleasure to review your book :-) I enjoyed reading it. I'll let you know if there are extra content that might be worth adding.

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