Wednesday, June 20, 2012

File Upload with Spring and jQuery (Part 3)


In the previous section, we have implemented the Java classes. In this section, we will start writing the configuration files.


To complete our application, here are the important configuration files that needs to be declared:
  • applicationContext.xml
  • spring-servlet.xml
  • web.xml

Pay attention to the CommonsMultipartResolver and the MappingJacksonJsonView.
  • The CommonsMultipartResolver is a requirement for processing MultipartFile files
  • The MappingJacksonJsonView is required for serializing JSON responses properly. The extractValueFromSingleKeyModel is meant to remove the wrapper object when responding with single key model (see the Stack Overflow link for details).




In the next section, we will discuss the HTML form for uploading files. Click here to proceed.
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