Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring 3.1: GWT Maven Plugin and GWTHandler Integration (Part 1)

In this tutorial, we will create a simple GWT application and integrate it with Spring. We will use GWTHandler to map GWT's RPC services to Spring beans, and utilize the GWT Maven plugin to manage and build our project. Our application is a Hello World-style application that you typically when creating a new GWT project.


  • Spring core 3.1.0.RELEASE
  • Maven
  • GWT Maven Plugin 2.4.0
  • gwt-sl 1.3-RC1
  • See pom.xml for details


To access the source code, please visit the project's Github repository (click here)

Functional Specs

Before we start, let's define our application's specs as follows:
  • Create a simple Hello World-style application
  • Use GWT Maven plugin to manage the project
  • Integrate Spring


Before we start with the actual development, let's preview how our application will look like.

Entry page
The entry page is the only page that users can access. Here, users can enter their name.
Entry page

After the user has submitted his name, a popup message will appear.
Popup message without Spring

After we've integrated Spring, we shall see a different popup message.
Popup message with Spring


In the next section, we will create our GWT project using the GWT Maven plugin. Click here to proceed
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